About Connie Golas, RN

Savvy Traveler Nurse Escorts

Connie Golas, RN

Certified Senior Advisor

Connie Golas, RN, is the owner and operator of Savvy Traveler Nurse Escorts. She has been a nurse practitioner for over 30 years and has traveled extensively. Her own mother has Alzheimer’s Disease so she is intimately aware of the special challenges involved in caring for persons with dementia. She recognized the growing need of families to be able to move their loved ones closer so they could get the care and attention they deserve. Her goal is to facilitate the transition of elders and others with physical or medical disabilities in a safe and compassionate manner.

Connie Golas, RN, recognized another unmet need. As people age, some people begin to shrink their world. They may decide not to travel because they think they are too old or they’ve lost their travel partner and do not want to travel alone. Connie believes travel and adventure can keep one young, vibrant and excited about life. She wants to encourage and empower those who still have the dream and the desire to travel to do so. She is that caring competent companion who helps people embrace life and live it fully.

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