Our Process


We thoroughly evaluate the client’s current physical condition, mental status and special needs (glasses, dentures, hearing aides, cane, walker, crutches, wheelchair).

  • Phone interview
  • Review Medical history
  • Medications, oxygen
  • Names, phones, emails for family, contact person for discharging facility, receiving facility.


We develop a detailed plan according to the client’s medical needs to ensure safe and comfortable travel.

  • Coordinate with discharge planner and intake person at receiving facility.
  • Arrange travel:  flight, special transport to and from airport.
  • Arrange special needs:  oxygen, wheelchair, special dietary requirements.


We’re ready to travel! Following our detailed plan, the client arrives safely at their destination.

  • RN flies to destination, meets client, discharge planner. (Medications and discharge summary hand-carried to receiving facility to assure seamless transfer)
  • Client, RN, family member or friend travel to destination.
  • On flight, may administer medications as ordered and needed.


After the trip, we’ll evaluate the plan and ask for feedback from the client and family. This ensures the next planned trip goes even more smoothly!

  • Review process with family.
  • Incorporate changes in process as needed.
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